Sunday, December 19, 2010

A New Thing :)

hyeee fellasss :)
hows your day ? im fine , thank you .
as u all know i've been like 2 days w/o updating my blog .
im kinda busy because im watching BOF until eps 25 .
i had just finish it just now .
wooowww , it's so cool and awesome aite ?
hee , i know cerita tu dah lama .
but , well done to me lah kan sampai snggup bersengkang mata . hahha
sampai pening-2 semuaa . hee
lagi berapa hari lagi je nak naik sekolah .
and i will not using phone nd my lappie anymore :(
my parents will keep it until last day of PMR . yeay ! im a victim
erghhh , dammit -.- 

there's some pics that i wanna share with you all .
yesterday i went to Naza Talya Hotel .
there's dinner alumni of eVoke .
my father's school when his in form 4 nd 5 .
let's see

*fahmy you tak jeles kan ? ahahah :)

then , today ade Family Day
tempat kerja ayah punya .
so well act aku malas nk pergi but kena pksa .
alasan tknk prg ? ngantuk teramat ahah
well , show it !

what a day im having -.-

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