Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rindu Kau , Ain :)

Is someone that everyones need .
A friend is a special one .
A friend is someone you tell EVERYTHING .
A friend is someone you never lie to .
A friend can be boy or girl .
A friend is someone who always there .
A friend will always listen to you .
A friend alaways has input to give .
A friend will never leave you alone .
A friend will help you through thick or thin .
A friend will always stand by your side .
A friend will never let you down .
A friend is someone who makes you laugh and smile .
A friend is someone everyone needs .
so , i would say ILOVEU Friends :)
this poem make me thinks of one of my BFF .
imiss her so much! we've not contacted for a long time .
how was she now? did she doing fine? did she get the best score in her final?
our school is not that far . im in SSI she's in Convent . but we rarely met :(
there's a lot of stories that i want to tell her . im so downn!
she is .......

AIN NASUHA <-------
cantik , do you miss me? i miss you so much . reply my text ASAP !

coretan oleh :
Hidayah A

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