Friday, May 27, 2011


Let me introduce , who i missed the most .

My super awesome shout shout mates , girls now holidays come on! let's meet up and do our usual things :) just call me and have some discussion . It should be more fun if we asked Amel , Adlia , Effah and Izzati to join us! So it will BE complete super Thc :*

\ the more i look the pictures , the more i miss you guys /

Rindu ni takkk? that time aku sorg je berangan nak amek gambar sengsorang , korg guna dslr Aida kan? kan? auchhhh winduuuuuuu :(
\hikhik omel tak? ngaummmm/

Hohhh , ini budak wajib adee weheee . Ain Nasuha ♥
baby baby i michiuu baby . jumpa jom? alaa rumah dekat je hihi
\ aku je yg over nak makan segala tgk Ain , minum je -.- /

This song i dedicate to you all , enjoy your holiday :) have a safe journey

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