Friday, July 15, 2011

they are the reason WHY

* I know i should do some revision instead of surfin internet and updating my blog. But hey , its Friday RB fav day so why dont I have some relax?

- So today im not going to school because im having stomachache since yesterday. its so like urmmm its so hurt only me knows what it feels. im shivering , vomit and fever. what a day to me. Allah is testing me :) so I havent' updating mah blog fr a long time. because of what? totally im getting bored here and nothing to say and to be shared. im very sure all the PMR candidates are getting busier . we gonna have our trial on 14th of Aug i think so lah . its in Ramadhan our fasting month. hoping for bless and easy to answer all the papers.

See , not much to say. As usual loads of homeworks to be done. my days in school getting more comfortable with all the things that I must go through. im getting more prepared in my upcoming test on next week! what a life . and my target is no C's :) i know its an high aim but who knows right? only God knows what is the best for me. and the most importants things is i wanna say that w'o them I can live happier now. they are the reasons why i stand still until now. I always take Ibu's word "youre my daughter and I know what is ur ability. never afraid to fail because its the first step to make u success. Thank you so much Ibu xo

Family is the strongest part fr me .
And my laughing friends is the
hardest part for me to leave them
And here , am still hoping for the best.


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