Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 24th Oct

so I just decided to post something about one of my BFF Birthday. say Happy Birthday to Aida Muslimah :) happy 15 my dear. you have grown so big and yeah u need to put on an effort on it. stay positive and keep on praying to get the bless from Allah.

Aida , sorry masa birthday kau takdapat hang sama-sama sebab kau tak balik JB. we all decided to make one card for you. ya! we made to make such big card! have a applause to us. wait. WE? ohhh its me , Ana , Adah and Amel. arent we look so sweet? we did put on effort to make ur birthday this year a blast. till we meet again in your upcoming holidays. we can hang at somewhere and for sure sleepover at your house like we did every year :)

this is the card. I know its looks kind of messy and simple because it hasn't be done yet. stay tuned :)

Last wishes from me to you :
iloveyou and yes I do. do keep in touch always. friends forever my dear. keep on success.wishing you getting 9A in your PMR xx

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