Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BFF Contest from AnnaTyah

Hi! Assalamualaikum readers. so today, Yaya nak buat satu post about BFF Contest from AnnaTyah. okay ni link blog Tyah & ini Anna. So I wanna join this contest mcm best. Kan Yaya pernah sekali join cntest BFF tapi tk menang pun hewhew. So, I decided to choose Adlia Adhiha because she is my bff since im in std4 and will be forever baby. So, here is the banner and Conditions.
Okay ini pula gambar yang akan ditaruhkan <3

FRIENDSHIP is the rainbow between two hearts sharing seven colors: feelings, love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secret & respect
So ini dia gambarnya , kanan tu saya dan kiri , Adlia my true mate.
Btw , tolong vote eh? :P
Like page ni and like gambar Yaya :'>

Why the person in the picture is your bestfriend?

She is willing to tutor me for two years. This year both of us having PMR examination and we strive hard to achieve an excellent results. Thank you for your attention and your willingness to help me add knowledge about and spend your time to teach me. Thank you for being a friend that give ur shoulder for me to lend , ur ears to here all my problems and kiss me in my forehead when i am crying. Thanks for always being with me, being my gossip mate , dance mate , singing mate and debate mate. Thank you for your service and hope that Allah reward in the Hereafter.

Adlia , walaupun aku kenal kau serapat ni baru 2 tahun tapi aku rasa macam dah kenal kau mcm 50 tahun. You know 5o tahun? dan itu sangat special. And now , i miss you sangat-2 kalau jumpa rasa nk cubit-cubit je pipi kau and main kepala kau. Comel kan aku ni? Atototo terima kasih sekali lagi sbb syg aku selama ni and terima aku seadanya tau beb! you're the one. you're the best. Mehhh sini nak bagi kiss Muahhhhh xoxoxo :* Thanks kawan <3

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