Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ahlan Wasahlan 2011 :)

Bismillah & greetings :'D

i MISS them. Qamarina, Lyana & Aten

I've been living in this amazing earth for 15 years, Alhamdulillah.Well people happy 2012!! New year, new hope , new spirit.

To be frankly honest, I am pretty much grateful for how life have been treating me so far. Everything went and go perfectly fine. Well, maybe not perfect but surely awesome :) I am so glad because of that.

So, I want to share with you all starting from January. First day of school in Year 2011. Pretty hard, so tired. Huh, life as a PMR candidate. You know, quite tough. All the teachers focusing on you & etc. Being a prefect was never something easy. In form 2, i've to hold a huge postion as a prefect assistant in the afternoon session. Its was the tough one. I think i've been very fake during it. But, with my friend its me & my originality.

Then, February come until August. Hey, I had my PMR trial on this month. When, everyone is on their fast all of the form 3's are having their PMR trial. Honestly, I didnt made a good result. I just got 3A6B. Well, I havent prepared enough. Mum keep on babbling and I started to scare. Hey PMR is couting only 2 months left to be prepared mentally & physically. Starting from that, I keep on focusing to the subjects that I feel tough like Science & Geography. I always got C's dont laugh!! -__-"

Here October came, the month of nightmare. Hey!! PMR is coming. PMR is tracking me :'( Ahhhh, I feel down I feel so scared. My mood ups & downs. I am over-thinking about it & it affect my health. I am having fever few days before the examination. 4th of Oct came, and on the first day is Bahasa Melayu & Pendidikan Islam paper. Alhamdulillah, i've excellently through the days until 11th of Oct my last paper was Bahasa Arab. Freedom!! xD

November & December the months of holiday. School break for 1 months and bla bla days. November was quite an exciting month for me. I feel the freedom. I gotta do all kinds of things. Hang out w my girls, having sleepover & baking cupcakes as well as cake :'D School? Nope, I dont miss school I just miss my friends, classmates & 'duitsekolah" eheheh :p

December came. the month i waited for a years blerghhh :p 22nd of Dec, my PMR result was out. It was freaking me out. I cant sleep the night before the result was out. I am way too scared, nervous. I was scared if I dont scored & will make my parents unhappy with me. Alhamdulillah, Allah granted my wish. Accepted my doa's syukur :'D All of my effort paid off, i passed with flying colours.


My major wish for 2012 is just to be an obedient,good daughter for my mom. That's it.

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