Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dedikasi Untuk Awak :)

Nurul Shuhadah Sulaiman,
sekiranya kau baca blog aku ni & aku memang harap supaya kau baca pun hhehe. Be strong my girl, everything that dont kill you will make you stronger. Trust me! I may not the one who you are closest to but here I am trying my best to cheer you up again my dear bestfriend. everything happen for a reason. Never buruk sangka dengan Allah.
It depends.
DEPENDS ON YOU, ADAH to make your situation getting better or worst.

I understand, as a teenagers we have that feeling to have crush on someone, we have hormones, we have lust . But be wise, take care of yourself first. Guys will always be guys.
That's why when having a relationship, you must stick to the goal. Who knows, your realationship might lead you to Jannah. Well, do pray. So, if you want ur boyfriend to be ur husband, search for a good one my dear.

As a student, STUDY COMES FIRST. The rest, shall we leave to him to decide? =) Choose wise, it will only comes in a time. Think now, or u might regret later.

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