Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tagged Again :)

semua ini telah di-tagged oleh aten , yana nd halim :) thnks guys :)

what yor name ? age ? where do you live ?
Nur Hidayah Binti Mohd Assabri , 14 years goin 15 :) Taman Majidee PARK 

what would you do if you got a gift from someone special and you don't know who ?
AHH , secret sdmirer ? so sweet . wishing for chocolate nd necklace :)

Bruno Mars or Justin Bieber ?
my only  BRUNO MARS

who is the last person that say he/she hate you ?
jgn benci aku please :(

if you and your friend are the last person on earth , what would you say to he/she ?
thnks fr being wf me all this while i lebiuu muahh :*

what would you do if your mother ask you to marry now ?
nk belajar lagi , duit pun tkde mehh *poyo*

if  you're trap with somebody that you don't know in a room , what would you do ?
kite boleh kawan tapi awk jgn sentuh kite ehh

decribe yourself in TWO words ?
kecik + montel :)

can you be frank with someone that you like him/ her ?
err --'
where did you go in the last five days ?
SSI - buku sekolah 

have you ever had a crush to someone ?
of corse . always HOHO ^^ semestinya

what are you doing now ?
jawab note nie lah :)

tell me what you dislike about me ? be honest .
aten :  comel sgt :]
halim : baik :)
yana : baik sgt :D

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