Saturday, January 22, 2011

School Girl xD

Sorry-I-am-busy, that's the most common sentence I've said whenever people asked me how's my life been going lately. I have no time to do my daily routines like, watching tv or reading the newspaper or updting my lovely bloggie hmphh. See? Ergh. You guys might not have noticed Haha. So far, I'm quite satisfied with my school daily routines but it doesn't mean that all things are going well. Problems with the homeworks pressure me so much. Never mind. At least, I got the experiences and could make my self to be a better person. Insya-allah. Oh yeah,I got new teahers. They are super cool. Haha. I never thought that they're like so open-minded and very helpful. Thank you teachers, you've made my day. Hee. Laying my hands on the keyboard is a rare for me now. What can I say? I'm busy lol. I heard that Facebook is gonna close soon. Nahh, I don't believe it. Mark Zuckerberg would not shut down it. If it's really true, it's just the end of Mark Z. Not the end of Facebook. I guess, me and you shouldn't worry about that. For me, Facebook brings us more benefit than other things. Can you figure out, how you guys would contact the old friends? It's not easy without Facebook, right? So go FB, I'll support you. Hihi. Till we see next time . still laying at the bed and thinking what to-do . erghhh --'

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