Friday, May 13, 2011


Assalamualaikum ,
Harini ade rehearsel Hari guru me lonely no friend :(
ohh my sajak was just okay-okay lah .
today , i feel so bored , unsatisfied and sad .
but somehows , i have THEM that make me smile .
thanks deary Lyana , Fatin , Adlia and Aina me love you all much ♥

sakan gila bebudak ni comment . penuh noti aku -.-

i'll prove that they all are wrong . we are going to be fine :)

Perangai lelaki ni susah kan kita nak jangka ? masalah masalah . budak yg tengah in a relationship dengan aku tu hope kau baca lah ye . aku tak berani nak tegur . so PEACE!

Another second crawling by

Another moment finding me

head tilted to the sky

Deciphering the language of nature

Telling me the secrets of life

It doesn't even know how to lie

tak sabar nak beli buku ni ---> CONTENGAN JALANAN <3

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