Wednesday, September 7, 2011


we just have to reach it!


PMR , im just being honest. I dont really know what is PMR means. And yet , i will be facing this exam this year. do I look like im scared enough to face this exams? not pretty sure.

Seeing as I'm in form 3 this year . then yeah i guess that i have to take PMR.
Many people who had scored straight A's said that PMR is like easy kacang -.- Pffttt Not when you haven't taken it yet. like me. Im am so true if I say that im not that clever like my other classmates and friends. to get 5A's oso i think so so so hard man! :(

I think its important for me to get 9a's for the examination. I am not sure if I wanna stay in SSI or or if I wanna try another school and get into boarding school. can I cope with that situation?.

So the problem i seem to be experiencing right now is to STUDY. Seriously, i'm almost never in the mood to open my books. That's bad! I'm supposed to do well and better this year. But.. Im getting lazy and lazier and lazier. that's too bad for me I think :(

So i kinda figured out that there's no use of stressing yourself for exams. Even though i feel guilty for not studying right now, i know its pretty useless to open my Science book even I know im bad on this subject. I dont know why . And its keep getting on my nerve.

I heard that all the hard work will pay off, insyaAllah.
I WANNA GETS 9A'S . And I dont want just say it but I want to prove it. Pray for me

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