Thursday, October 13, 2011

Freedom for a short period.

Assalamualaikum and HEELLLLL-OOOOO!

hey there guys :) long time for not updating my blog since.... errr when hah? I cant really remember when is my last post.Is there anybody that read my blog? for every things that I post maybe? well, maybe someone in somewhere called a place.

As you all know , i've just finish my PMR examination last Tuesday. and yeah my last paper was Arabic. its kinda hard for me at the qawaid section but Alhamdullilah i can answer it well. I am so greatful because the essay was the one that i remembered all this while. I wrote 2 essays and hoping that those 2 essays i will get 20/20. For all the subjects those im taken I think BM and Sejarah kinda hard for me. I dont know why and seems my Sejarah paper will be the worst among others.

Now , i feel so relieve because i dont have to burning the midnight oil everyday. but hey still have to performing my solat and so on. Not to forget my pray to Allah for Him to give me an excellent results that is 9A's.

Due to my frustration on not making the paper well , I went to Hutan Bandar after my last paper. Im having lunch with my girls and gossiping all the way long! And so my dearest principal, Pn Halimah Ali giving the form 3's holidays for a week. what for mannn? Im getting fatter at home and boredddd boredddd boredd!

Anyway, i miss facebook-ing , blogging and twittering but i oredi forgot my twitter pw.

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