Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Diary,

Hi and hello! sometimes life seems unfair towards us. Sometimes we hate the fact that everyone is leaving us one by one. We hate to see someone we love, love another person. We cant see people got better grade than you. We cried when others pushed you to do something or we cant do what others can do. We fall when we're lack of confidence and its make you so down & thinking of wanna curse everyone or commit suicide because of too tired of life, dramas & etc.........

So life is unpredictable. We gotta be prepare & strong to go through of all the happy moments & sad moments.What is life if we only get through the happy thing? bad things, dramas, conflicts, up & down of someone makes you a better person. So here I am writing in my blog just to express what I feel not to impress people with what I wrote.

April, I surrender up! Wishing May comes with some bless and happiness *^^*

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